Happy Birthday to me

How appropos to start my blog today, since it’s my birthday. I won’t say how old I am, but let’s just say that when I fall down, I don’t get back up as fast as I used to! One of my kids told me I’m older than dirt. Seeing how I’m not quite sure how old dirt is, I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. I have a friend who recently compiled a birthday wish list. I’ll steal some of her ideas and add a few of my own:

  • a long, hot bath with a good book
  • a massage
  • a manicure
  • chocolate cake with chocolate syrup drizzled on top
  • a quiet, peaceful day where no one yells, “Mo-om!”
  • Children who tell me they love me in spite of my flaws
  • friends who love me…again, in spite of all my flaws
  • a warm cozy fire in the fireplace, snuggling with my DH

I’m currently in physical therapy for a shoulder injury, and they do apply heat and massage it a bit, so that might just have to be what I settle for. Since one of my kids is nicknamed “Pyro boy”, the fire in the fireplace won’t be happening anytime soon. Last time we had a fire in the fireplace, he woke up in the middle of the night and found a hot coal and tried to start a new fire all over again.

I don’t really need the calories from the cake, so maybe a Weight Watchers muffin will substitute nicely. I do think, however, that I can swing the long hot bath with a good book. Last time I tried, I got “Can you see my fingers under the door?” as a cute little hand, palm up, came sliding under. I have to admit it made me giggle. If I lock the bedroom door, however, and then lock the bathroom door, turn on the bathroom fan and put in earplugs, I probably won’t be able to hear any “Mo-om”s and who knows, if pyro boy can’t smell the lighting of a match, I might even be able to have a scented candle in there with me. Ah…the simple things in life!


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