Happy New Year!

I am thrilled to start a new year. I get a bit sentimental when I think of some of the memories of the past year, but I also love new beginnings. God surely knew what he was doing when he only gave us 24 hours in a day. Just when I think I can’t endure too much more of a bad day, I get to go to sleep and get a fresh start the next day.

That is how I feel about new years as well. Having a new year gives us a chance to start over once again. A chance to evaluate where we are versus where we want to be, and figure out how we are going to get there.

A few years ago when our family was meeting with our Bishop for our end of year tithing settlement, he asked us to evaluate where we were spiritually compared with a year previous. Ever since that day, I have set as a goal to improve myself spiritually each year. Whether it be through increased effort in prayer, or daily scripture study, I want to make sure by the end of the year that I have grown spiritually and am further along in my relationship with God and Christ than I was the previous year.

I don’t set lots of New Year’s resolutions that only end up broken by March. Instead I set small weekly goals such as “I will read my scriptures daily this week” or “I will be kinder to my children this week” and then focus on that one particular goal. If I don’t do so well, there is always the next week to try again.

I find it funny that people say, “I broke my New Year’s resolutions” and then give up. To me, that is what Satan would want us to do. Instead, we have the power of Christ’s atonement that lets us get back up no matter how many times we fall. Didn’t do so hot on your goal this week or month? Set another one and try again. Not giving up, but rather enduring again and again to the end no matter how many times we fall is what it is all about.


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