Dire situation in Kenya


This is Grace. I adore her, even though we have never met. I’ve only communicated with her through letters, but she means a lot to me. In this photo she is proudly modeling a dress that we bought for her, since previous to this time she only had one school uniform that she wore daily. My family has sponsored her education in Kenya for the past couple of years and hope to be able to do so indefinitely. We sponsor her through an amazing organization called Angel Covers.

Angel Covers works with orphaned children in a variety of countries, helping to educate them and provide for basic needs. Grace is profoundly deaf and attends a school called Humble Hearts in the slums of Nairobi. She does have a family, but in Kenya, deafness is often viewed as a curse, and the deaf are shunned. Grace’s mother started a relationship with a new boyfriend a few years ago and he threw Grace out of the house, so she lives in a very humble setting at the school.


The violence and killings due to the aftermath of the recent political elections in Kenya is having a profound effect on their country, and recent estimates say that more than 350 are dead. As I have viewed images on the internet of people suffering and dying in Kenya, it is hauntingly familiar to the violence that broke out in Haiti in January 2004 when President Aristide was deposed by a military/revolutionary coup. At that time, I had my dear, sweet four year old still stuck in an orphanage in downtown Port au Prince. By the end of January, all flights going in and coming out of Haiti had come to a halt, and I couldn’t do much more than pray for her safety daily.


I don’t have a daughter in Kenya, but I do have someone there who I truly care about, and I hope when you see her face, you realize that the victims in Kenya are not nameless or faceless. I worry about Grace’s safety and the safety of other children there. Beatrice, the director of the school said that they are OK so far, but that nearby stores have all shut down which means their food supplies will only hold for a couple of days.

You may not know anyone in Kenya personally, but those who have been killed are someone’s child, or someone’s mother or father.
If you are one who prays, please pray for the innocent victims of this violence in Kenya, and pray that the senseless killings can come to an end.



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2 responses to “Dire situation in Kenya

  1. Stacey

    I was at Humble Hearts this past summer and met your Grace. She was an absolute doll…very charismatic. All of the girls on our trip just loved her. We gave her a pair of shoes and she beamed for hours!

  2. nineisenough

    Would you happen to have any photos of her? I just received a letter from her, but there was no photo included this time. 😦

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