Haircuts and slang

The “men” in our home have been looking rather shaggy so I pulled out the scissors tonight and told them it was time for haircuts. As I cut Caleb’s hair he asked, “Mama, I look hamsun?” I assured him that yes, he would still indeed look handsome when I was finished. I asked him if he was concerned that he wouldn’t look good after his haircut, and he replied, “Mom, you make me look hamsun. I no want look like crap.”

Why is it that when children are learning a new language, the “playground talk”(such as above) seems to be the easiest for them to pick up? No matter how many times I have asked him to use “pass gas” to describe a bodily function, those two words just don’t stick. Today when our social worker was here to do a postplacement report, we were discussing relationships and Caleb was asked to give an example of a behavior that upsets his mother. He blurted out “When I fart, no leave room.” Alrighty, then! I’m sure we made a grand impression!


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  1. That’s funny! I love kids……and hope that everyone else in their world is as understanding! lol…

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