Turning 50

blowing out his candlesNo, thankfully not me for a few more years. My DH, however, turned 50 on Tuesday. Due to a crazy schedule, we celebrated it yesterday with family and a few friends. I stole an idea from my friend Theresa’s blog when her DH turned 40. She and her kids gave her DH 40 gifts, all in groups of 40. We didn’t have the ingenuity to give 50 gifts in groups of 50, but he did get quite a few of his favorite treats in groups of 50, one being 50 Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. Why he loves these is beyond me. For me, nothing compares to a Toll House cookie, but Jeff will buy Chips Ahoy cookies and hide them so the kids can’t find them. He can often be found late at night when everyone else is asleep, munching on Chips Ahoy with a glass of milk.

Like Theresa, however, I thought the crowning gift should be the one she gave her husband. A pageful of photos of 50 adoptable children…in the largest sibling group configurations we could find. Understand that she already has 26 kids, so in her family 40 more for her husband’s 4oth was a bit funnier. I had to laugh as Jeff opened it, however, because not too many 50 year olds opening birthday presents are surrounded by young children who are their children rather than their grandchildren.

Micheline became rather excited and asked me later which of the 50 would be her new sisters! She wouldn’t care if 10 more came into our small home…as long as they’re girls and not boys. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Here’s to 50 more!….ummm…years, that is…not children.


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