Children’s prayers – an Attitude of Gratitude

girl in prayer My children’s prayers can be sweet and innocent at times and other times they can be hilarious. Micheline has smiled ever so sweetly across the table at Ben as she signed the blessing on the food and asked God to please let Ben be nice and not angry. Manipulation through prayer? It’s a technique she has perfected and one we are working on teaching her to cease.

Sometimes when we are really in a hurry to get someplace and just need a quick prayer, one of the kids will decide to say a prayer that goes on forever, blessing everyone and everything in sight. I have been known to hurry them along by piping up with a whispered “In the name of…” clueing them in that it is time to end the prayer in Christ’s name so we can all say “Amen”.

My friend Anna shared with me yesterday that her 3 year old grandson has also picked up on this technique of blessing everything within his sight. He has been known to thank God for the table, chairs, lights, you name it. His parents-unlike me-are far more patient and allow him to continue until he is done. Well, Grandma bought him a LeapPad for Christmas and he is learning his ABC’s. At dinner the other night, he decided to not only thank Heavenly Father for his LeapPad, but for his alphabet…one letter at a time. “We thank thee for A, we thank thee for B,” and on it went through all 26 letters.

I would bet that his prayer might have been one of the first times that the Lord has been thanked letter by letter for the alphabet, but after pondering this, shouldn’t we all thank the Lord for our ABC’s? You wouldn’t be reading this right now if it weren’t for the alphabet. All of those Harry Potter books or John Grisham novels? Never would have been written, much less sold. Most important of all, we wouldn’t have scriptures today. Scriptures that give us the word of God and guide and direct us in our lives. Scriptures that teach us how to avoid the same mistakes that others made in the past. Maybe tonight when we kneel down to pray, we ought to remember to thank God for ABC’s. But if it is during family prayer, do your waiting and listening family a favor…don’t do it letter by letter. 😉



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4 responses to “Children’s prayers – an Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I love this idea! Thank you for posting it.

  2. Oh, The Lord listens to these little ones…. and smiles. How precious to be so young and have a gateful heart such as your son.

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  4. ,;, that seems to be a great topic, i really love it `””

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