Turning 39? Celebrating birthdays

G. with candlesWell, 39 was what the waiter announced when Jeff and I took our neighbor out to dinner tonight for her birthday and the wait staff sang to her. She’s actually 82, but you’d never know by how active she is. How many people do you know in their 80’s who put their i-Pod in their pocket before they go for their daily walk? I was teasing her one day as we were walking together about what great genes she had, and said “How old was your mother when she finally passed away? 95?”

“No, she was 97” came the reply. “And she would have lived even longer had she not gotten in a car accident that caused some of her organs to start to fail. My grandma lived to be over 100, and my mother wanted to prove she could live even longer. ”

My kids just love this neighbor and so do Jeff and I. Here she is blowing out the candles on the cheesecake I made her. blowing out the candles We scrounged up a few birthday candles as we clearly weren’t going to put more than 80 on this size of a cheesecake. She’s a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, but we agreed that if you break the chips in half at a Mexican restaurant, they don’t have any points. Cheesecake of course never has any points as long as it is for your birthday. 🙂


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