Hair extensions

Micheline has hair that grows painfully slow. For those of you who may not know, she cut her own hair about 18 months ago. Some people laugh and say, “Oh everyone’s child cuts their hair at some point.” That may be true, but it is usually their bangs or a haircut that can be mended in some way so that they look back to normal at least within a month or two.

Nicole cut her own hair at age two and so did Lynn. Micheline came home at 4 so I thought we were safely past the hair cutting age. Oh no…she decided to cut hers when she was 5. A few braids…right down to the skin. The AA hair salon I took her to said her hair could not be saved and shaved it right down to the skin. head shavedI still disagree with what the cosmetologist did, but once she took that first buzz right down Micheline’s head it was a bit late to protest. Here’s a photo of her the day that it was shaved off. I have to admit that even though I was upset, she thankfully had the perfectly shaped head to be bald. Still cute even without hair!

After 18 long months, she is finally getting some hair back. I am convinced that no one’s hair grows as slow as hers. These are some pictures of a recent hairdo of hers. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

flat twists looking downside view of flat twistsback of head in twists

I have yearned to be able to pull her hair into one or two big braids, because she tires of sitting for hairdos. With her hair as short as it still is, however, we can’t do many hairstyles that are quick and easy. So, I succumbed this week to yarn extensions. Regular hair extensions can be heavy, cause headaches, etc., as they pull on your hair. Not something appropriate for a little girl who is still trying to grow out her hair, as I didn’t want the weight of extensions to damage her hair. Yarn extensions, however, are incredibly light and she said she doesn’t even really feel them. When I first heard about them I thought it sounded awful. Yarn braided into my daughter’s hair?? After seeing a few photos of others, however on my hair care group, I decided to try it. We love them! Not only are they light, but we can pull her hair up into different hairdos. We are hoping to get at least 3 or 4 weeks out of them before we have to remove them. Doesn’t she look darling?

with extensionsback viewwith extensions in front view

Next week I am going to do a straw set on them to curl them, and I’ll post photos then. Meanwhile, she’s just enjoying the feeling of having long hair she can swing around when she turns her head! Funny thing is, people are puzzled by the increased length as if they have never seen extensions before. One woman came up to me at church yesterday and said, “That isn’t really all her hair all of a sudden is it?” I just smiled and said, “Yes, we fed her Miracle Grow this week.”


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