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31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins

Don’t forget that tonight is 31 cent scoop night from 5-10 p.m. at Baskin Robbins. They’re having their sale in honor of The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and will donate 100,000.00 to this foundation. Click here to find a store near you.

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Tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley

I saw this video this morning and the tears really fell. Oh how I love this man who was truly a prophet of God. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet as well who will lead us in the paths that the Lord would have us go, but my heart still grieves a bit for President Hinckley.

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Missionaries for dinner

No, we didn’t EAT the missionaries, we had the missionaries over to eat dinner with us tonight. 🙂 We LOVE having them over for dinner because they bring such a great spirit into our home. I also like to think if I am feeding the missionaries here, that someone else is hopefully feeding my son in Texas. As you can see, they are incredibly serious young men.

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Shopping on the Great Wall of China

This week Micheline was the VIP in her kindergarten class, and I went up this morning to videotape her while she shared her presentation with the rest of the class. One of her photos was this one of our family on the Great Wall last year when we were in China to adopt her brother Caleb.

She held up the photo and said, “This is our family on the Great Mall.” Now I know there are vendors out there. Very pushy ones, as a matter of fact, but I don’t think that China is quite ready to change the name from the Great Wall to the Great Mall. 🙂

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Prom “gift bags”

In this month’s articles from Boris Gindis’ Post Adoption Learning Center, I was shocked to read that in Bisbee, Arizona, prom “gift bags” will include condoms. Yes folks, that is plural. Not one, but two condoms in each gift bag, accompanying more typical gifts such as picture frames and mints. For the full article by Theresa Twogood, follow this link. Being a member of a church that believes in abstinence before marriage and fidelity after, I was sickened by this news.

Does this mean I have my head in the sand in the year 2008? No. I know there are kids out there experimenting with sex. However, reading the article brought back memories of a conversation I had with a very wise friend. We were discussing how some parents put their daughters on birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies. At the time, my oldest daughter was only 5 years old so I was interested in my friend’s viewpoint since she already had a teen. She said “No way, no how. It’s the same as me saying, ‘I have raised you to be morally clean, but here…take this pill, because I really don’t trust you. I really don’t think you will be able to succeed at abstinence.’ You’re sending them a mixed message if you teach abstinence but give them birth control.”

I would have to agree with her and with the author of the article as well, who stated, “Don’t allow anyone, especially the local school board to tell you that giving these items ‘doesn’t promote or give permission to such activities’, just as any responsible and level-headed parent wouldn’t give their student a concealed handgun to carry on their person, for the night of the prom with the words, ‘don’t use it, but keep it close so that you will be safe.’ We all learned a long time ago that we can’t give a child something and then tell them to not use it. It doesn’t work and it leads to trouble every single time.”

So what is a parent to do? Perhaps instead of handing out condoms, we should have parents a bit more involved in their children’s lives. Finding out where they are going after the prom, who they will be with, and whose parents will be supervising could go alot further in saving the heartache of lost virginity on Prom night (Isn’t that also called a “one-night stand”?) than handing out condoms ever will. For that matter, make sure they come home by 1 or 2 a.m. Who says prom has to last all night? You don’t want the words “A Night to Remember” to be associated with years of heartache from one very bad decision.

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Sibling Rivalry

I read a book once where the author stated that her children fought over who would sit at what place setting at the table. How did the kids resolve the problem? They spit on the plate where they wanted to sit. Thankfully, my children have not resorted to that, but Micheline and Caleb do have a running competition going on in almost every topic of their lives. From who gets the front seat in the car, to who gets the bigger bowl of noodles or who ate the last of the chips, their sibling rivalry drones on the background of our lives like never-ending machinery in a factory that is open 24/7.

This morning Jeff set two bowls of oatmeal on the table for breakfast. Micheline instantly ran over to see which bowl she deemed to be superior. Lacking the words to yell out quickly which one she wanted and most likely fearing Caleb would stake his claim first, she yelled out the first thing that came to mind: “Shotgun!” It was both priceless and hilarious and what made it even funnier, was the fact that it was confusing to Caleb. Was this a new English expression he wasn’t familiar with that not only meant you got the front seat of the car, but also meant you could grab the best bowl of food?

I think it is time to implement the technique we used when Nicole, Lynn and Taylor were young. Dividing a candy bar? One cuts, the other picks which half he wants. Dishing up ice cream? One serves the scoops and the other chooses which bowl she prefers. It pretty much guarantees that the one cutting or serving makes them as equal as is humanly possible. I’m not quite sure, however, how yelling “shotgun!” will translate.

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Angel Cottage at Humble Hearts School

I have posted here before about the child we sponsor through Angel Covers who lives in Kenya. She is a beautiful child, but unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding about disabilities, some people in Kenya view deafness as a curse. Her mother has a boyfriend who does not want her around, so rather than being able to go home each day, she stays at the Humble Hearts School in a “dorm” called Angel Cottage. I use the term “dorm” loosely as it is a sheet metal building with dirt floors and it is far too crowded for the number of children who live there. During the rainy season as you can see here, they have as much water indoors as they do outdoors. Angel Covers is attempting to raise money to build a new Angel Cottage for these children who desperately need a new place to stay. It will be constructed of block instead of tin, will have concrete floors and will be much larger than their present home. Unfortunately, the construction is going very slowly as the funds have just not been available. Angel Covers has come up with a great idea for a fundraiser for this project. If you click on this link you can purchase a brick for $10.00 in honor of someone you love. What a great gift idea for the person who already has everything! One person did it as a memorial in honor of someone who had recently passed away. I recently learned that you can purchase up to 3 bricks with a message that is 3 words long. Actually, you can purchase as many bricks as you want, but any one message cannot be longer than 3 bricks with three words. For example, “We love Grace” is what I am having put on the 3 bricks that I am purchasing. Once the Angel Cottage is built, the bricks will be engraved and then painted as seen here. When you click on the link to make a donation, choose Africa as the country, Angel Cottage as the program, and under “notes”, put the word that you would like on your brick. At a loss as to what you would like to say? Words such as “faith”, “hope”, “love”, “determination” and “courage” are great choices that come to mind. Give today, and give these deserving children a place that they can truly call home.


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