Ben’s birthday celebration

We went to a neighborhood pizza joint last night to celebrate Ben’s birthday. As we waited for pizza, the younger kids ran off to play in the arcade area. I knew that they had saved a cupful of tokens from our last trip there, so I naively thought that they were slowly using them up since they didn’t come ask for any money.

We called the kids over when the pizza was ready, and as you can see here, Ben had quite a few tickets he had won. We were all impressed and figured that he must have hit the jackpot on a few of the games of chance where the amount of tickets one can win increases with each time the game is played and lost.

As he sat down to eat, however, he said, he was done playing because he had already spent all $30.00 of his birthday money. 30 bucks?? At first I was none too amused that he had already blown such a large amount of money, but then I realized that at least he had wasted his own money and not mine. As I ate, I realized I spent less money that night on arcade games than I had in many years for children’s birthdays. He ended up choosing a slingshot as a prize for all of his tickets. A slingshot that probably would have cost about $5.00 had he bought it at Wally World. Oh well…I guess I have to assume he got $25.00 worth of pleasure out of the arcade experience itself.

Out of all of his gifts, this one his brother sent him from Texas made me really laugh.


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