Angel Cottage at Humble Hearts School

I have posted here before about the child we sponsor through Angel Covers who lives in Kenya. She is a beautiful child, but unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding about disabilities, some people in Kenya view deafness as a curse. Her mother has a boyfriend who does not want her around, so rather than being able to go home each day, she stays at the Humble Hearts School in a “dorm” called Angel Cottage. I use the term “dorm” loosely as it is a sheet metal building with dirt floors and it is far too crowded for the number of children who live there. During the rainy season as you can see here, they have as much water indoors as they do outdoors. Angel Covers is attempting to raise money to build a new Angel Cottage for these children who desperately need a new place to stay. It will be constructed of block instead of tin, will have concrete floors and will be much larger than their present home. Unfortunately, the construction is going very slowly as the funds have just not been available. Angel Covers has come up with a great idea for a fundraiser for this project. If you click on this link you can purchase a brick for $10.00 in honor of someone you love. What a great gift idea for the person who already has everything! One person did it as a memorial in honor of someone who had recently passed away. I recently learned that you can purchase up to 3 bricks with a message that is 3 words long. Actually, you can purchase as many bricks as you want, but any one message cannot be longer than 3 bricks with three words. For example, “We love Grace” is what I am having put on the 3 bricks that I am purchasing. Once the Angel Cottage is built, the bricks will be engraved and then painted as seen here. When you click on the link to make a donation, choose Africa as the country, Angel Cottage as the program, and under “notes”, put the word that you would like on your brick. At a loss as to what you would like to say? Words such as “faith”, “hope”, “love”, “determination” and “courage” are great choices that come to mind. Give today, and give these deserving children a place that they can truly call home.



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4 responses to “Angel Cottage at Humble Hearts School

  1. Denise

    I was wondering if you could share more with us about your sponsor child.

    We also are parenting a deaf child that we adopted and also have a deaf sponsor child in Lesotho.

    I love hearing about your son’s missionary experiences as I served a mission in the deaf program in California. We hope that our children will have the blessing of using their ASL to serve the Lord by sharing the gospel with those whom are deaf.

  2. nineisenough

    Which organization are you going through to sponsor your deaf child? Our sponsored child sends us a letter about every 6 months and we try to send her things she needs such as clothing or shoes or bedding when we can, on top of our monthly sponsorship. We sent a package to Africa but she never received it, so I am hesitant to pay that much postage again only to have someone steal it. When we purchase clothing or other goods for her via the internet, they are purchased right there in Kenya, so the money goes much further.

    Grace can read and write English, but I’m not sure how well. I can tell that someone is editing her grammar because I’ve never seen a young deaf child write how she does. She seems to be very sweet and gentle and those who have met her in person have fallen in love with her. I would love to meet her in person, but doubt that will ever happen unless I won the lottery. Seeing how I don’t play the lottery, I guess I won’t be going to Kenya any time soon. šŸ™‚

  3. i just found your blog & wanted to say i love it! – we’ve adopted 3 from haiti & one of them (ruby) is profoundly deaf in both ears & so we use ASL as well – anyhow, would love to hear from you!!


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