All Chinese do NOT look alike

In spite of what some people say–including even Connie Chung, speaking in jest when she mentioned it would be hard to do her family history in a country where everyone looked the same–all Chinese people do not look alike. Go to China and look at the facial diversity for yourself. Sure, they all have black straight hair for the most part, but that is where the similarities end.

Apparently, however, our school secretaries have not figured this out. Yesterday Ben and I went up to Caleb’s and Micheline’s school. Wednesday is my day to volunteer but since Ben is on a break week at his school I couldn’t hang out there. I got the project Micheline’s teacher wanted me to do and then we left…once again through the front office.

We came back at lunch time so we could eat with both kids, and the secretaries looked a bit oddly at me when I didn’t sign in and we just walked through. I figured I had already signed in that morning and was still wearing my volunteer sticker on my shirt. Then, when we went to leave, we came in through the front of the office again due to how the playground gates lock. I signed myself out and the secretary came over with a late pass. I asked her what it was for. She tried to hand it to Ben and said, “It’s for Caleb, because the 5th graders have already gone back to class.”

I laughed and told her, “Caleb is in class.” She looked at Ben and said, “Then, who’s that?” I laughed even harder and said, “The same Deaf son I have whom you confused with Caleb last month”. “Wow, they must really look alike!”, she replied. The other secretary jumped in and said, “I thought he was Caleb too!” In all fairness, they have probably never seen them together to compare, but I had to laugh because they look nothing alike. You be the judge. Driving home I chuckled even more as I thought they probably wondered why on earth Caleb was coming and going with me all morning without me ever signing him in or out.


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  1. Torontonian

    Take a random sample of ~50 individuals from China, Thailand, Japan, India, Zaire, Jordan, Sweden, and Peru. The differences in facial characteristics are much more apparent in non-Chinese people than in the Chinese. Certainly there are facial differences and they are readily apparent between two individuals, but these differences occur with a lesser frequency in the Chinese population than in other populations. Nothing wrong with that, its just the way it is. Just so you know, I am an Indian-Canadian from the extremely heterogeneous city of Toronto. So there goes your potential argument of me being culturally biased.

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