Yes, I am alive

For those who have asked, no, I have not died. Yes, I am alive, and no, I have not given up on this blog. I’ve just been a tad bit overwhelmed with life since kids got out of school. Kids with issues seem to multiply before your eyes when they don’t have the structure of school to keep them in their daily routine.

I could whine about it, or I could take my friend Theresa’s attitude and remember that it is all about perspective. She wrote a hilarious blog about it here. I love it! Who woulda guessed that 4 turds in the toilet and having your brother buy you an ice cream cone could make a great day? Her son, Larry, on more than one occasion, has indeed made my day with his hilarious pronouncements. It is indeed all about perspective.

With that said, I plan to catch up on this blog this week. I have about 5 entries already written in my head, and some of those half written already. It’s just a matter of finding computer time amidst kids 24/7, and uploading my pictures. Are we having fun yet? Yes, indeedy we are. Stay tuned…


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