Lost tooth

Micheline has lost her 4th tooth. She came to me yesterday with a rubber band around it and said, “Mom, pull on this,” and tried to put my hand on the rubber band. I squeamishly declined the offer and suggested she finish off the job herself since it was just barely hanging. 10 minutes later she appeared with the tooth in hand and happily announced that she thought the tooth fairy should bring her $10.00. After all, she had to do all the work herself. “I just twisted and twisted it around and around, Mom, until it came out!”

Needless to say, the tooth fairy is getting old and forgetful. She forgot to come last night, so Micheline took a quarter and a dime from my change cup. I told her if she would be patient, the tooth fairy would probably come tonight and bring her a dollar. She informed me that the tooth fairy clearly needed helpers. After all, if she was late, she obviously couldn’t be keeping up with the job.

This isn’t the first time the tooth fairy has been late to our house. Sometimes she has come while the kids are eating breakfast. With one of Caleb’s teeth (which in my defense he never told me he lost–he pulled it out at school) she didn’t come for two whole weeks. He finally came to me and asked why she never showed up. I guess that lazy fairy was off on a vacation to Hawaii. What a slacker…I guess she needs to find new helpers as I clearly am not keeping up with the job either.


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  1. Erica

    Just the other night (and not the first time at our house) the tooth fairy came the following night after the lost tooth. Sometimes she is already booked on her journey and has to pencil you in the next night – especially when you lose your tooth without expecting it like Lalie did two nights after Lydia’s pulled tooth. The tooth fairy was very tired that week.

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