Off to Scout Camp

Because Ben was still in school when our Scout troop went off to camp the first week of June, he was unable to attend. So, tomorrow he and Jeff will be heading up the mountain near here for another Scout camp; just the two of them. To say he is excited would be an understatement. He spent all day yesterday packing, unpacking and repacking. I’d like to think I have made an impact on my boys since he actually was packing 5 different pair of long pants for the week. Jeff is always adamant that they only need one pair of long pants for nighttime, and a few pairs of shorts. I have tried to tell him that not every boy wants to put on the same dirty pair of pants each night, but he just shakes his head at me. I guess it’s a guy thing. I’m not afraid to get dirty while camping, but I do appreciate a clean pair of clothes to put on each morning.

You have to know a bit of background. When Jeff was a boy, his mom could send him out to play and within 30 minutes his pants could be black. His brothers would return with maybe a smudge or two, but Jeff looked like he had rolled in the mud. Even now at 50, he still wipes his hands on his pants. He tells me that’s what he figures pants were made for…so you don’t have to wipe your hands on your bare legs.

He and Taylor laughed last year when I packed a plethora of shorts and pants for both Caleb and Ben. “Boys don’t change their clothes at Scout camp!”, Taylor informed me. “Well, maybe you didn’t, but these boys will!”, I replied. I was wrong. They came home with most of their clothes unworn, but smelly from putting their dirty clothes back in with the clean ones so the whole kit and kaboodle had to be washed anyway. They also didn’t brush their teeth the entire week. Dirty clothes I can live with. Unbrushed teeth? UGH! Both they and Jeff got murmurings and grumblings from me for at least a week on oral hygiene and who would be paying the next dental bills for cavities.

This year, I am happy to say (probably to avoid the wrath of Mom), Caleb brushed his teeth while at camp. I have my fingers crossed that Ben will as well. If all goes well, he might even wear more than one pair of pants.


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