Fed-Ex Snafu

Being the active, no impulse control boy that Ben is, he decided to take apart his new external processor for his cochlear implant. Not dismantle it–which also would not surprise me–but merely take apart the two main pieces where they join together. What he didn’t realize, however, was that you have to twist them a quarter turn before you separate them. Instead, he just yanked…and broke the connection pieces.

We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a replacement processor, because having broken his ear level one, he was back to wearing the body worn processor. Having known the freedom of no cords, he was anxious to get out of the body worn processor.

Friday, the Fed-Ex man showed up with a package for us. I signed for it and then we hurriedly ripped it open. It wasn’t the usual packaging that Cochlear Corporation sends, but I didn’t give it alot of extra thought. When we tore it open, however, a prescription bottle fell out. I’m sure I looked startled. I know Ben sure did. I hurriedly turned the package over and saw that this was actually supposed to be delivered to a neighbor about 10 doors down. I then looked at the label on the bottle and it was Viagra. I started cracking up laughing, and Ben and Micheline couldn’t figure out what was so hilariously funny. As I turned to the phone book to try and call Fed-Ex to tell them of the error, I saw the delivery truck return. I was still laughing as I went to the door and the driver told me that he had delivered the wrong package and handed me the correct one. I apologized for tearing open the other one without reading the label and told the driver what I had found inside. He too started laughing and told me that he would repackage it before he delivered it.

If I were more courageous–and I guess unkind as well–I would be tempted to go put a note on his door and ask him if things are doing better these days. Instead, I’ll just keep chuckling to myself when I drive past his house. Chuckling quietly so the kids don’t ask me again what was so hilarious about a prescription medication.



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3 responses to “Fed-Ex Snafu

  1. What a great blog and a beautiful family you have! Adoption and deafness are two of my greatest passions, and I love reading about your family’s adventures! I hope you’ll consider adding your blog to the aggregator at Deaf Village (www.deafvillage.com) — we’d love to have you as part of our community!

  2. very funny…just found you via DV- we blog there as well. just a family of 3 here;) amy

  3. Val

    Oh my, to not only to what you actually opened but the ripping of the processor/controller apart.
    Our connections were loose too so we are awaiting their return via Fedex as well.

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