Broken glasses

Taylor used to break his glasses so often–especially during soccer season–that the store where we purchased them knew us on a first name basis. When he asked me to get a new pair for him a few months ago because he broke a pair yet again while in Texas, I walked in the store and the woman working there said, “Aren’t you the mother of that boy who was always breaking his glasses?” Yep…I’m famous. I guess they can write “Mother of boy with repeatedly broken glasses” on my epitaph.

I think we set a new record, though. Ben got his glasses last Friday. Today is Tuesday. Broken. 5 days. He set them on the ground while he played his 30 minutes that I allow of video games per day if all of his work is done. Micheline jumped up when the time was up and stepped right on them. This after also stepping on my glasses today as well. She has huge proprioceptive issues and doesn’t always know where her body is in space. Mine fell off the top of my head where I had put them since I only need them to read. As I bent to pick them up, I swear she looked right at them as she ground them into the sidewalk with her foot. She claims she didn’t see them at all, just as she didn’t with Ben’s. Sigh…mine are 14.00 readers, but his were 100 bucks.

Super Mom to the rescue, however, as when I bought them, I bought him a second pair. Knowing Taylor’s experience, I didn’t want Ben to be caught without glasses since his vision has become so poor, so I decided to get him two pair. Thank heavens for foresight, as he will have a pair to wear to school tomorrow while I take the others back to see if new frames can be purchased with the current lenses.


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