First day for the rest of them

The other kids started school today and I think this is really what Martin Luther King had in mind when he said, “Free at last!” Micheline is in first grade, and here is a photo of her with her teacher before she headed into the classroom.

She asked me this morning if I was going to be happy because I would have the day quietly to myself. When I asked her why she would ask me that, she said, “Because we drive you crazy!”

Last year, Caleb attended school for the first time in America, and today he is off to a new school yet again as he is going to middle school. He is my ultra-organized boy, and hence last night had everything laid out perfectly, ready to go for today. We visited the school two days ago to show him all of his classrooms, but he still had a map in his back pocket with each classroom numbered according to which period he would attend that room. He has ESL the last two hours of his day, and I am hoping that his ESL teacher will be able to advocate for him in his other classes about expectations since he is still learning to read and write English. He tested into accelerated math, so he is pretty pleased with himself. Here he is, a tired boy at the end of the day walking home from his bus stop.

Alyssa is a sophomore in high school and what a difference one year makes when there are no freshman jitters. Here she is when she was ready to leave for the bus, and here she is in the hallway at school…a picture she was NOT happy about. No, I am not an overprotective stalker Mom. I thought it would be funny to go take Nicole’s picture since it was her first day back also…as a Math teacher. So, off I headed to her high school to take her photo, and Alyssa happened to be walking down the hallway in the Math building. She was shouting “No!” when I asked her to smile for a photo.

Here is Nicole with two of her Link Crew students. Link Crew is for juniors and seniors who are willing to be positive role models for other students, especially new students and incoming freshman. Nicole is a sponsoring teacher for Link Crew, hence the shirt. She doesn’t look much older than the students!

Funny thing is, when I got to her classroom, she wasn’t there yet, so I asked the teacher next door if she would let me in. Once the door was open, students started wandering in and it was hilarious to see the look on their faces as they grimaced and said, “Oh man, she has a sub today!” I told one boy, “No, I’m not a substitute teacher, I’m your teacher’s mother.”
“Her Mother? Is she really young or something?” was his reply.

Lynn started her first day back Monday in the Phoenix valley where she is student teaching in Biology. I don’t have a photo of her, so I’ll just put this photo of her first day of school back in first grade. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled! 🙂

Here’s one that’s a bit more current of both girls, although now they have switched places with Nicole on the left and Lynn on the right. For some reason, they tell me that they don’t miss the bangs. Hey, I used to spend a lot of time curling those just right!
She texted me and said that the school plays the theme song to “Mission Impossible” between each class and it was driving her crazy. Apparently they do it all year long; it would make me crazy as well. She said she should count her blessings, however, as last year they played the William Tell Overture.

Taylor is still serving a mission for the LDS church in Fort Worth, Texas, where he will be until December 2009. It’s not his first day back at school, but I thought I’d throw in a photo of him so you can see what he does in his spare time. Gotta love those 19 year old boys. When they are spreading the gospel, they do it full force, but when they play, they do that with equal exuberance. Anyone care for a Cheez-It?


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