Trip to Oregon

Ben, Micheline and I headed to Portland, Oregon, last week where Micheline’s best friend from her days in Haiti now lives. We are doing a program of neurological reorganization with both Ben and Micheline to help with some of their issues. You can read more about it here.

We flew to Oregon to have both children evaluated and their program set up, and since it was just a short hop away from where our good friends live, we were able to take a day trip to the beach with them. Here is Micheline with her buddy, as well as his younger sister who also was adopted from Haiti. It was so much fun to see them together, I just wish we had been able to spend more time together. As you can see, there was no shortage of personality on the hour long drive to the ocean.



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4 responses to “Trip to Oregon

  1. Greta

    We just started the NR program with our adopted 5 year old daughter. In less than 2 weeks, we are seeing improvement in her language skills. YAY! But the daily work involved to get her to do this program is very labor-intensive. She really doesn’t like the patterns. What bribery tactics have you employed? We use candy, candy, and more candy! 🙂

  2. nineisenough

    Yes, I have to agree that this program is very labor-intensive. Some days it is beyond exhausting! My daughter likes snacks as a reward and “screen time” which means either computer games, tv, or video games. My son is pretty much video games all the way, so if he wants his 30 minutes of video game time each day, he has to complete his exercises. I know another child who loves Legos, so his Mom gives him a couple of Lego pieces from a kit each day until he earns the whole kit. Others have bought toys and attached a points price to them and the child doesn’t get to keep the toy until he/she has earned enough points by doing program each day.

  3. Lana

    We have an adopted son who has fetal alcohol effects. We got him when he was two weeks old, and he will soon turn 13 years old. He has extreme behavior issues, and we’ve sought help for him since he was two years old. We’re about at the end of our rope and out of ideas. We came across this neurological reorganization site and are seriously considering it. But he is very defiant, and I worry that if the program is as stringent as you’re saying, he won’t do it. Does it really work?!!

  4. Barbara


    It’s April 2009 and we’re just starting to look at neuro reorganization. I would LOVE to talk with someone who already has some experience with it!


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