Ben is going stereo

After having heard in “mono” for 7 years now, Ben will be going stereo. He is scheduled for a second cochlear implant next week on September 4th. I wrote about bilateral cochlear implants and his desire to have a second one here.

The risks of anesthesia and knowing someone is drilling on your child’s head are always a bit unnerving, but I have put much prayer into this decision and feel a sense of peace. Any prayers the morning of the 4th would be greatly appreciated…that the surgeon’s hands will be guided, that Ben will come through with flying colors and that his mom won’t pass out on the floor. 🙂 I’ve worked as a nurse so I know what is involved in the O.R. Give me a surgery to watch and I am with ya all the way, fascinated by the process. Tell me it is my child under that drape, however, and my legs turn to jello. As a friend once told me, it is a roller coaster ride of emotions. We have already boarded the coaster, however, and just need to hold on until the ride (surgery) is over. Thankfully we have already done it once and know what to expect, but I will be glad when I get the news in the surgery waiting room, “we are closing now and everything went well.”


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  1. Congratulations to Ben!!! What an exciting change in his life! Best wishes for a quick candidacy process, successful surgery, and easy recovery. I can’t wait to see how he does hearing with two ears!

    Happy Hearing!

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