Feeling weary but OK

Every day I say I am going to catch up on my blog and every day I find myself further behind in other projects so the blog gets pushed aside. When we started the neurological reorganization work, we were warned that some children might regress. I’m not sure if that is the reason, or if the stress of middle school has affected Ben or all of the above, but we are having some horrific blow ups and melt downs that last for a couple of hours each afternoon. Throw in homework that is resisted/refused as well as exercises for his neuro reorg that he resists and whines all the way through, and by the time he goes to bed each night, I too am just falling face down.

Micheline has been sick and coughs until she practically coughs up a lung. She has always had a very weak respiratory system which I can only attribute to the trash being burned regularly in Haiti as well as plenty of inhaled diesel fumes. Needless to say, when she coughs all night, especially after wanting to crawl in bed with me, the amount of shut-eye I am getting is not nearly enough. I have friends, however, who are currently facing trials much greater than mine, so I will count my blessings.

I was blessed to go to the temple yesterday with a friend and get some time away from the world. There is peace found there that is found nowhere else, and I feel so much more rejuvenated and able to face a new day. I even endured Ben kicking a door repeatedly for almost 20 minutes without my temper flaring. I thank the Lord for the peace He gives me in my life. Without the Lord’s support, I don’t know how well I would do with the daily challenges of life. I am a living testimony of Phillipians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


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