Broken implant…again!

We just got Ben’s Freedom processor replaced about a month ago, but he came to me last night and informed me that it wasn’t working. He wanted to put it in our drying machine that removes moisture. That made me a bit suspicious and I asked him what he was doing when it broke. All he would say was, “It’s not my fault!” The more I asked, the more he would admit that it was probably wet, but that it wasn’t his fault.

I finally gave up and just put it in the machine to hopefully dry out. He was none too happy to put on his body worn processor this morning, but didn’t have a choice since his Freedom still wasn’t working. I tried pressing the issue and still got “not my fault” as a reply. So, I sat him down, told him he wasn’t going to be punished in any way, but that I really needed to know what he was doing when it stopped working so I could troubleshoot it a bit better. He finally blurted out, “I wore it in the shower, but it wasn’t my fault! I didn’t remember that I had it on!”

Part of me wanted to laugh and ask him if he at least enjoyed the sound of the water for the first time in the shower before it died. I know the Freedom is supposed to be water resistant, but I don’t think that extends anywhere near to showering with it on. (Although I hear that that level of water resistance is in the future!) We thankfully got two controllers with his implant and after I changed out the controller today, it came back on with no problem. The first one is still in the drying machine to see if it can be saved. A Cochlear rep once told me that something like 70% of the processors they get returned to them for repairs are working fine again by the time they arrive in Colorado. Many have gotten wet I guess and by the time they arrive to be fixed, a few days have gone by and they have had ample time to dry back out. Since his implant is working fine again, I’m going to give his first controller a few more days in the dryer to see if it will come back to life before I send it back.


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