Pre-op visit canceled

Ben was supposed to have his pre-op visit today for his cochlear implant surgery, and I planned on picking him up from school to take him there since it is a 2 hour drive away. The surgeon’s office just called…on a cell phone. Apparently due to a bad storm last night, they have no electricity and have canceled his appointment for today. Fine by me since I have a boatload of work to get done this weekend, but I sure hope he handles it well. He doesn’t do well with change, and I have visions of him arguing with the middle school secretary when she tells him to get on the bus to come home. I told her to tell him, “Yes, I did speak to your Mom and the directive to get on the bus came straight from her.”

He is very excited about his upcoming surgery, and will not be happy that he doesn’t get to see the surgeon today. Guess I will have to appease him with the fact that he also won’t have to get any blood drawn today. Hopefully they will reschedule his pre-op to a day before his surgery and we can just stay up there overnight rather than drive up and back multiple times next week.


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