Sarah Palin

Don’t you just love her? I swore I wouldn’t get into politics on my blog because political posts tend to attract people who call each other names and it gets nasty. Tonight, however, I felt like yelling out the high school football cheer of “Sarah, Sarah, she’s our man woman. If she can’t do it, no one can!” I’ll be honest. McCain is OK. A far better choice in my mind than Obama, but I wasn’t on fire for the Republican ticket until he pulled Sarah Palin on board.

I love a woman who can hold her own. She is living proof that you can be a highly skilled woman and successful with still very conservative values. I was beginning to fear that the only women I would see active in politics in the future would all be liberals. I heard a caller on the Laura Ingraham show say, “She’s one of us!”, and I thought, “Yeah! She’s one of us!”

Oprah can go ahead and cry her eyelashes off when she listens to Obama. I prefer to cheer loudly when I hear Sarah Palin speak. This is a woman who walks the walk. Too bad she doesn’t have more experience and could be the number one person on the ticket instead of number two. Maybe in four years? I’d love to see her take on Hillary!

I think one of the things that stole the show for me tonight, however, was this video clip. If you missed her daughter, Piper, slicking her baby brother’s hair down, you have to watch this video. My DH was right that it would only be a matter of an hour or two before it showed up on Youtube. It is precious and priceless and you can clearly see how much she loves her baby brother.

Don’t agree with me when it comes to politics? That’s the beauty of this country. Make sure in November that you go out and vote!


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One response to “Sarah Palin

  1. Maysman

    Palin for President…
    ♥ The Timid man ♥ has met his match…
    Does Senator Obama match up against this fierce opponent?… I think not… Therefore, I am voting for WHO? Gotta scroll down at to find out.

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