Calming techniques

Having a child with a mood disorder can be exhausting. Add to the mix another child with ADHD and auditory processing issues and I start to feel a bit stressed in the afternoons when dinner needs to be made and homework needs assistance. OK, so I lied. I feel incredibly stressed in the afternoons when everything is comin’ down at the same time. I saw these suggestions for calming techniques and really liked them. My favorites are probably going outside and being near water. There is something about nature and especially the sound of running water that is very soothing to me. Although I already use some of these techniques, I was able to glean some new ideas. Teaching your overstressed children to use some of the techniques is also a great idea.

Like the author, I too am not enamored with the life size “rat” at Chuck E. Cheese with the blaring music and flashing lights. I think every parent who leaves there sane deserves some kind of medal. Maybe they should hand out headphones of soothing music and trickling water sounds to all the parents who venture in. Heck, charge a few bucks for the rental and “the rat restaurant” as our family not so affectionately calls it could make some more dough…besides the dough they already use for their not so tasty pizza. The next time you go there with your jaw clenched and your nerves on edge and they offer to rent you some headphones for soothing auditory input, remember you heard it here first. 🙂

Better yet, a tip from a frugal Mom…bring your own. Other parents will wonder how you are so calm amidst the chaos.

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