Words of Wisdom

Tonight, Micheline said something very cute, but unknowingly very profound at the same time. With her ADD, she has a hard time turning off her mind at night and struggles to fall asleep. She was asking for a Melatonin, but I am trying to wean her off of it. She already takes Guanfacine, which takes the edge off of her restlessness, and with both that and the Melatonin, she seems to be too tired during the day.

As I handed her dose of Guanfacine, she said,
“I need an atonement.”
“What??” I replied, not sure that I heard her correctly.
“I said, I need an atonement.” She then tried to self-correct to “Melatonement.”

As I inwardly smiled and tucked her into bed, I thought of how true her words were. We all do need Christ’s atonement in our lives. The fact that He died for my sins is the greatest gift that I have, and the knowledge that I have that He lives today brings joy and peace to my heart. Without my Savior and His atonement, there is no hope. With it, the possibilities are endless. Yes, my dear daughter, you do need an atonement, but it doesn’t come in pill form. You will have to learn to recognize when His spirit speaks to your heart, whether it is in the beauty of a sunset, 10 tiny toes on a newborn babe, when we read scriptures as a family, or when you turn to Him in prayer. He is there for you and always will be, but it will be your job to learn to recognize that. It is my job to teach you how.

Photo Credit Artwork by Simon Dewey


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