Takin’ a break

Since my kids are on fall break, we decided to take a rest from the daily grind of life today and take the kids to a cave nearby. Unlike my older children who still remind me more than 10 years later how much they hated this trip, the younger kids loved it. Understand that I told the older ones that if they got their chores done, they would earn a surprise. They interpreted this to mean someplace like a mini-golf place nearby that has go-karts and an arcade. A tour of a musty smelling cave with a guide was truly not on their agenda.
Factor in a brother who said, “Are you talking about the Mexican Free-tail bat?”to the guide when the guide asked if there were any questions after his little speech on bats and bat guano, and the older two girls were mortified. First, their parents had to drag them off to a stupid cave, and then their brother embarrassed them.

The kids today had a good time in the cave. I, on the other hand was a tad bit stressed. See these holes?

The cave was full of them. I had visions of Ben’s cochlear implants getting knocked off and dropping down, never to be seen again. One has an otoclip where it clips to his glasses.I have decided the other one definitely needs one as well.

On the way home, we stopped and let the kids climb all over A mountain which is painted red white and blue to honor our troops. They loved it. Here’s a few shots of our day.

And last but not least, a few of my children showing their true colors, being rather disgusting. I can deal with it.They might argue and fight at times, but they truly love each other, and I think this picture shows it well by how relaxed they are with each other and how easily they can have a good time together. Others have asked Alyssa which siblings are her “real” siblings. Of course they mean biological siblings, but I think you can see here, there isn’t a fake one in the bunch!


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