Where Oh Where…

has my sanity gone? Micheline and I are headed out to a pumpkin farm tomorrow with her first grade class and she is supposed to wear her class shirt. It’s black with yellow embroidery above the left pocket that has her name and the words “****’s (her teacher’s name) Busy Bees.” I told her to go get it out of her drawer because surely it was clean since she hasn’t worn it for 3 weeks and I do loads of laundry each and every day. Guess what? No shirt.

This was not a good day to lose a shirt because my dryer broke last week and I am backed up on laundry. I have some baskets of clothes that need washing and some that need to be hung out on the line to dry. We bought another dryer today off of Craigslist, but the connection for the gas doesn’t match up, so no dryer again tonight.

Jeff and I first looked all throughout her room; no dice. Looked in dirty laundry baskets. No shirt. Looked in just washed baskets of clean laundry. Nada. Started looking in the odd places such as behind the couch, under bunk beds, behind the dryer. Hey, who knows where it might have fallen! Still no shirt. We then started getting desperate and after a full search of our entire house, including through the boys’ drawers and closets and even our closet in case I might have put it there for safekeeping, we still came up empty handed. He even looked under the seats in the car and in the trunk since they just went camping two weekends ago.

The thing that has me really puzzled is she also has a shirt from kindergarten that’s similar. Royal blue with her name embroidered and “*******’s Dynamos.” It’s missing as well. Did she dress up dolls in them and then hide the dolls somewhere? Give the dolls to Goodwill? Did a thief come into our house who was only interested in pilfering school class shirts? Either the shirt is gone, gone, gone, or my sanity is. Be quiet…I don’t want to know where your bets lie.


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