Yes, we decided to go ahead and keep the locs, but the more I looked at them, the more I decided that I really wanted even smaller ones. I love the look of sisterlocks and how versatile they seem, so over the span of 3 or 4 days last month, I slowly undid her microbraids and redid them even smaller. She went from about 130 locks to exactly 269. Yes, I counted them when we washed them for the first time. newly-locked-right-side1


I am so glad I did because I love the look of them now. She’s even had her first retightening of about half of her head, which we did with the nappylocks tool. I think we are both really going to love these as they start to mature because they will thicken up a bit so you won’t see as much of her scalp, and we both love the carefree feeling of not having to worry about starting a new hairdo for hours every two weeks. She is loving the feeling of being “wash and wear” as we can spritz them with water in the morning if they are too mussed from sleeping, and then off she goes to school. newly-locked-back


I do admit that I miss many of the fun hairdos that I used to be able to do, but she doesn’t miss the hours and hours of sitting while watching movies as Mom cornrowed her hair. Now, unless we are retightening, which I think will be about every 5 weeks for us, she is free to do whatever she wants while she watches a movie. No more watching out of the corner of her eye while Mom worked on a side of her head! 🙂 Just for fun, here are a few of the hairdos we have done in the past.

Fourth of July hairdo

with extensions



flat twists to box braids

flat twists to box braids -front


curving cornrows

First grade photo --3 months before deciding on locs

As her locs grow, we will be able to start doing more fun hairdos, and I am excited to try them as I have become a loc-blog junkie. I read countless blogs by women who have locked hair and am thrilled to see how happy they are with their natural hair. As Micheline grows, they will be great examples for her on why she should keep her hair natural. I absolutely love it and am so glad we are taking this step! As you can see, the finished product is gorgeous!
beautiful girl, beautiful locs

beautiful shot with gorgeous locs



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6 responses to “Braidlocks

  1. Oh, my gosh, those are Bee-Yoo-Tiful!!! I can’t believe how talented you are. These ‘dos rival those I’ve seen on some of my colleagues who get them done professionally. She is so lucky to have a mama who is willing to put the time into learning and practicing things that are culturally important to her rather than just trying to assimilate her into your culture. (And you are lucky to have such a beautiful daughter to practice on!) You rock, girl!!

  2. Shavonne

    You’ve got skills. I can barely handle a regular braid.

  3. i’m so impressed. and so thankful that you took the time to get your daughter’s hair to a state where you could both enjoy it. she is truly too cute for words! i love her hair. funny, i didn’t get sisterlocks because they were too small for me, but on little girls, i think it’s important for them to have the styling options and fun with their hair!

    kudos to you!

  4. Pamela

    Wow. I can’t believe you can do hairstyles that are so ethnically different from your culture, and do them so well! I know african american moms who cannot braid their children’s hair so well. I am so impressed that you’ve learned how to braid your daughter’s hair, and now have braidlocked it as well! Keep up the good work, girl. Her hair looks beautiful.

  5. Sandra

    These are so cute! I’m thinking about doing braid locks myself (much older than your daughter) and it’s great to see them work well on a child.

  6. Lynnae

    Your daughters braids are beautiful! I am about to have microbraids done on my 7 y.o. daughter-hoping to lock them. How do you do the retightenings? Any advice?

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