Happy New Year!

Although it is the story of my life to be behind in blogging, I wanted to add this post tonight. Alyssa headed off to a New Year’s dance for youth at the church and wanted to buy a formal dress for the occasion. Here are some pictures of her before she headed out the door. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Once you hit my age, ringing in the New Year doesn’t seem so exciting. I have kids right now watching a very touching DVD on the life of Emma Smith, trying to stay up one more hour so they can say Happy New Year. I hope we don’t pay for it tomorrow as getting the sleep schedule “off” for a bipolar child is not usually a wise idea.new-years-eve-2008

Jeff is supposedly watching the movie as well, but is soundly sleeping on the sofa. Whenever this happens if I wake him, he claims not to be sleeping, but merely “checking his eyelids for cracks.” I don’t think he would appreciate me adding a photo of him snoozing on the couch.

Less than an hour and I can put kids to bed after shooting off a couple of illegal firecrackers out in the cul-de-sac that we have saved from Independence day. Then it will be off to pick up Alyssa about 12:45 and I can finally hit the hay myself. Happy New Year to all of you and may you have a blessed and prosperous 2009.


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  1. She looked positively beautiful, and I hope she had a great time at the ball!

    …and I hope you got to sleep in until a decent hour this morning, after being up so late with the kids.


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