In the hospital

Our newest little guy is in the hospital and has been there since yesterday due to a serious respiratory illness. They were removed from their home due to medical neglect. He is a sweetheart and a trooper, however, giving smiles and coos whenever he isn’t being poked, prodded or woken up from finally being able to doze off.

His older sister has attached to one of my soft fleece gloves and it is beyond adorable as she walks around the house with this HUGE winter glove on her tiny little hand. She is loving playing with all of the older kids and is doing well although she clearly misses being separated from her brother.

She is in love with Alyssa and is quite attached to her which is good since Jeff and I are doing tag-team parenting at the hospital. Right now, Alyssa has been the only constant in this dear little sweetheart’s life. Yesterday she was velcroed to me but I had to leave her to go to the hospital and she is clearly upset at me for that. How I wish she didn’t have to experience added trauma from Jeff and I taking turns leaving her to be with her brother.

Overall, we are doing great, but many continued thoughts and prayers would be appreciated that he can heal and come home. We are hoping to be able to come home tomorrow if all goes well. Jeff is giving me a few hours reprieve and I just got an hour nap on my own bed which felt like heaven! Time to head back, however, to the hospital…ugh! I realize that treatments are essential, but often wonder if they don’t realize that being able to sleep more than an hour without being awakened also would truly help his little body to heal.


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  1. Oh, that poor little baby–my heart goes out to him. God clearly paved the way for you to be in the right place at the right time to advocate for him. He will definitely be in my prayers, as will you. I pray you get some rest so that you’re better able to care for him once he finally comes home from the hospital.

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