3 months loc’d

Micheline’s hair has been locked for almost 4 months now, but this photo was taken when she had been locked for about 3 months. I must say we are incredibly happy that we took this step. Having her hair locked is about as close to wash and wear as she will ever get and she loves the freedom. I love the look as well and wanted to share her school Spring photo.
She has had a few retightenings and is due for another one in a couple of weeks. When I retighten it, I will take some close-up photos. I am amazed at the growth that is happening with locs. We have virtually no hair loss compared to when we were always doing cornrows and braids. Unfortunately her hair is about a 4C, so with the tight curl after I retighten you don’t see alot of increased length, but I do see tremendous amounts of growth between the hair that is locked and her scalp.



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3 responses to “3 months loc’d

  1. Kate

    Hi Heidi!

    Wow, Micheline is pretty picture for her school. She is too fast grow up. Right she is eight years old?


    • Michele

      Her hair (and face) are beautiful! I just started locks a few months ago from a TWA, butMichelines look better than mine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathryn

    You`ve done a real good job with her locs.

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