Bragging Moment

IMG_2134In our state high schoolers have to pass the AIMS test to graduate. They start taking it as freshmen and have 4 years to pass it. Some whine about how it is not a fair test in showing what students really know, but so far none of my first four children have had any trouble passing it.

The average score on the reading portion is around 600. Alyssa just scored 900 on it, one of only 3 students in the whole school who scored that high. Needless to say, she scored in the “exceeds expectations” range. Way to go Alyssa!


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  1. Laine Thomas

    I was searching the Internet for adoption blogs and happened upon yours. My husband and I are LDS and live in Gilbert. We’ve adopted 7 children. One through LDS social services, the others from the foster care system. We are Caucasian, 6 of our children are African-American. I have been hoping to connect with another LDS mother with similar life circumstances. Would you please email me?

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