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Million dollar smile

S's smile at Red RobinActually, it only cost about $5K compliments of her orthodontist, but I love this photo of Alysssa. I took it recently at her sister’s birthday dinner and it clearly conveys who she is. She just came home from Girls’ camp a few weeks ago and a leader sent me an email telling me how much she loves Alyssa and her cheerful attitude. She is such a great example not only to her siblings, but her peers as well.


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Our Family Theme

water bottle“Don’t touch! It’s mine!” How many times a day do I hear that? Far too often. Usually it’s from V., our foster daughter, which is normal for a 3 year old. She thinks everything belongs to her.

The older kids also, however, seem to have an extra strong claim on ownership. Just in case there was any doubt, Micheline decided to let us all know that this water bottle belongs to her.

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6 months locked

Here’s the lastest pics of Micheline’s hair after it was locked about 5 months. She’s been locked for 6 1/2 months now if you count from when I took out the original ones and made them smaller, and we are loving it! The only thing we hate is when people think they need to run their hands through her hair. Locked hair….women with pregnant bellies…for some reason people think they are public property, but Micheline has gotten pretty good at telling people, “Please don’t touch my hair.” I can hardly wait until it is long enough to pull up into some hairdos, but right now we are just enjoying the freedom of being “wash and wear.”

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