Off to school in New York

Peanut started school this morning in New York. She is attending a private Catholic school where she wears a uniform. Her cousin, D., promised me photos and said her friend sent them from her phone but I didn’t receive anything.

D. called me this morning and told me how it went. I appreciate the phone calls as it eases my fears of how Peanut is doing. Peanut has been calling herself, sometimes twice a day, but she can’t carry on much of a conversation so it often ends up with me asking yes/no questions. Today, D. said that Peanut was a bit afraid when she got to school and started to cry but that she and her husband and older daughter all went in with her. Apparently Peanut’s teacher is the same one that D.’s daughter had for kindergarten almost 20 years ago. D.’s daughter told the class that, and they all thought that was pretty neat.

Peanut took a Lunchable for her lunch and some oranges and goldfish crackers for her snack. D. laughed and said, “The school hasn’t called me yet so I guess she is doing OK.” D. promised to keep me in the loop when Peanut moved and so far she has kept her promise. She said I am more than welcome to fly out sometime and visit her and is willing to send Peanut to us during summer break.

So, even though we are still heartbroken at having lost our sweetie from our family, we hope to be able to always be part of her extended family.


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