Braidlocs update

I realized I have not posted about Micheline’s braidlocs in forever…well, I haven’t really posted anything in forever, but that’s beside the point.  😉

I wanted to add a recent photo of her so you can see how much they have grown and filled out compared to when they were first locked.  I am loving how easy to care for they are but am sad that we are still working on length. Micheline has some sensory issues and last year decided that chewing and breaking off her locs would be a way to satisfy some oral issues.  As a result, she had some that were about 7 inches long, some that were an inch or two, and then some along her neck that she totally broke off down at her scalp. So, I had no choice but to trim all of them so they wouldn’t look quite so unkempt.

To say I was a tad bit upset at the time is probably an understatement, but she is slowly regrowing them and we are working on getting length again so that hopefully sometime in the future we will have more styling options than we presently do.  This photo was taken 6 months ago and although they have grown a bit since then, I have also trimmed them to even them up so they really aren’t much longer now than they are in this picture.

I had an African-American woman at the airport last year come up to me and say, “Who did her Sisterlocs?” When I told her they weren’t real Sisterlocs but were actually started with Braidlocs and that I was the one who did them, she said, “Do you mind if I take a closer look? I’m a hairdresser myself.” My heart was pounding, but she looked closely at them, felt them, and then nodded at me with a smile and said, “you do good work.” Let’s just say I floated out of there. Yes, dear lady, you made my day.


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