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I pulled Micheline out of public school over Christmas break to homeschool her. I didn’t feel that her classroom was meeting her needs on more than one front and am a strong supporter of homeschooling, so decided to bite the bullet and pull her out.

May I say that we are loving homeschooling? I homeschooled Ben before and it was incredibly tough so I was a bit uneasy this go round but I put much prayer into the decision and know that this what we are supposed to be doing.

In History, we just finished studying the Mayas, Incas and Aztecs. We checked out a few books from the library that showed many artifacts left over from their societies. Micheline was fascinated by the small statues, masks and hieroglyphics and asked me why many of the women didn’t wear shirts. I didn’t have an answer for her other than that was what their society deemed acceptable attire.

The next day the girls were happily playing outside in the back yard when I looked outside and they were not wearing their regular play clothes. Two of the girls had towels wrapped around them like loincloths and one at least had a towel wrapped all the way around her middle section so she was completely covered.

I ran outside and asked them what on earth they thought they were doing. They looked at me quite puzzled and said, “We are just pretending to be Aztecs.” I guess I should be happy they weren’t offering any human sacrifices as well.


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